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Our Services

Our Services


The firm of Kehinde Ogunsanya Associates is registered in the general professional business of

  • Estate Agency
  • Estate Surveying
  • Property Valuation
  • Property Development
  • Management Consultancy
  • Preparation of Feasibility and Viability studies of a new or proposed project.


Estate Agency:

This involves procurement of and transactions in land and/or developments thereon by way of

(1) Sales

(2) Purchases; and

(3) Leases.

Estate Surveying

Professional inspection, assessment and profferment of findings, observations, remarks and opinion on land and developments thereupon, the traditional fulcrum of the Estate Surveying Practice.

Property Valuation

Estimation of price and current worth (the two basic ingredients of Valuation) of all assets, both fixed and moveable for varying purposes, including;

– Mortgage

– Insurance

– Privatisation

– Merger Bids

– Balance Sheets

– Assignments

– Compulsory Acquisition

– Probate

– Rating and Taxation

– Capital Reconstruction

– Gains tax

– Going Concern

– Open Market

– Share Capitalisation, Etc

Property Development

Procurement either of land or finance for developments on land for leases or outright sales.

Management Consultancy

General advisory or supervisory consultancy in estate management related issues. This includes

– Project management

– Property management

– Compensation and compulsory acquisition matters

– Arbitration etc.

Feasibility and Viability Studies

This involves studies into the possibilities and worth-while-ness of a proposed project/development.


The firm of Kehinde Ogunsanya Associates has acquired a very vast practical experience in the general field of Estate Surveying and valuation since inception, some of which include:

Estate Agency:

The firm has a rich catalogue of experience in this aspect of its practice, some of which are highlighted below:


We have been able to acquire proprietary interests in land and landed properties on behalf of our clients who range from Private Individuals to Corporate Organisations, Government Agencies and Embassies.


This aspect of the profession is well activated in all of our branches nationwide. Over the years we have been able to secure on lease basis, office accommodation, residential accommodation, business accommodation (shop, Warehouse etc) on behalf of our clients.

Property Management: 

We have been able to secure retainership by titleholders of land and landed properties to manage same on their behalf.

Property Development:

The firm has undertaken property developments at various times for and on behalf of itself as well as consulting clients.

Management Consultancy:

The firm has undertaken both advisory and supervisory consultancy also for varying clients.

Property Valuation:

The firm has participated and solely handled Property Valuations for Private individuals, Companies, Banks, Government Agencies etc. The exercises   included the valuation of landed assets and chattels such as land and buildings, plant and machinery, furniture, fixtures and fittings etc for both individual and corporate organisations.